Gallery Life at TechDost

We are not only a company where everyone only works, we offer everyone to enjoy the life moments at TechDost.

At TechDost, we enjoy every moments of the life like birthday celebrations of our team members, company’s anniversary, party at month’s end, official trips, and having some fun during our working hours.


Shivpuri, Rishikesh, Haridwar 4TH OFFICIAL TRIP

Mar 16 2022, Company Office HOLI CELEBRATION

Dec 31 2021, Company Office Annual Awards - TECHDOST

Dec 18, 2021, Tula's Institute, Dehradun (UK) GECL Awards 2021

Ms. Monika Thakur, HR Manager 2nd Work Anniversary

Dec 4, 2021, Company Office, Meerut 4TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION

Nov 3, 2021, Company Office, Meerut DIWALI CELEBRATION

Dec 4, 2020, Company Office, Meerut 3RD BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION

Nov 13, 2020, Company Office, Meerut DIWALI CELEBRATION 2020, TECHDOST

Dec 4, 2019, Company Office, Meerut 2ND BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION

Shri Siddhbali Mandir, Kotdwar 3RD OFFICIAL TRIP

LensDowne, Uttrakhand 2ND OFFICIAL TRIP

Shakumbhari Devi, Rishikesh, and Haridwar 1ST OFFICIAL TRIP