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There is a collection of helpful tools and links available on the internet. We have done a lot of research to find out all the important and creative tools for everyone. Here, we are writing business tools, writing and speaking tools, graphic design tools, audio and video tools, and social media & SEO tools.


Business Related Tools

We are introducing some business-related tools that help in understanding the payment gateway integration on the website, requirements pages on an e-commerce website. Also, we have added links to calculate GST (Goods Service Tax) on the specific prices, percentage calculator, signature design website, and QR code generator for your website, apps, or store. Let’s have a review:

Payment Gateway Documents

  • Proprietorship Business
    • GST Certificate
    • Canceled Cheque of the firm (beneficiary name, account number, IFS code)
    • Pan Card (signatory person)
    • Aadhar Card (signatory person, both side pic)
    • Mobile number and email verification
  • Private Limited Company
    • Incorporation Letter
    • GST Certificate
    • Canceled Cheque of company account
    • Pan Card (company)
    • Pan Card (authorized person)
    • Address proof (Bank statement, Rent agreement, Electricity bill)
    • Mobile number and email verification

Website Requirements for Payment Gateway

  • eCommerce Website Requirements
    • About Us
    • Contact Us with all details
    • Refund Policy
    • Return and Cancellation Policy
    • Payment Security
    • Shipping Policy

GST Calculator

Percentage (%) Calculator

QR Code Scanner

Email Signature Online


Writing and Speaking Tools

Here are the various tools that help in writing in different languages, conversion of words and sentences from one language to another language. If you use MS-Word for writing Hindi paragraphs with Kruti-Dev fonts, here we have a very interesting website that converts fonts/words into Kruti Dev 010, 011 fonts with a single click. Let’s have a look at the following:

English to Hindi Typing

Online Hindi Converter (Kruti Dev Font)


Graphic and Designing Tools

Graphic designing is the most creative and challenging job in the IT sector. So, we have some creative tools for graphic design services. Most of the time, we need to convert images from png to jpg, jpg to png, jpg to webp, or gif to mp4 or mp4 to a gif animation file. Here, we have a quick and easy tool to do all the tasks with a single click and you get your required files on the go. Let’s have a quick look:

Picture/Image Editing

  • Link: https://ezgif.com/ 🤩  ❤️
  • Pros: Almost everything we need to do
    • PNG, JPG, WebP, Gif
    • Animation
    • Cut, Copy, Crop
    • Conversion

Picture/Creative Design

PDF to JPG Converter


Entertainment Tools

Who doesn’t like to enjoy video and audio either it is personal or professional. Everyone likes to listen to songs and watching movies but sometimes, we want to convert youtube videos to mp3 songs and to download videos from Facebook and Twitter. So, here are the easiest websites to fulfill all your requirements with a single click.

Twitter Video Downloader

Adobestack Photo Downloader

YouTube to MP3

Facebook Video Downloader


Developer Tools

JS / CSS Minify

JS Minifier

Font-Awesome Icons

WordPress Password Generator


SEO and Social Media Tools

Blog Writing Tips

  • Link:

Domain Authority Tools (Bulk)

Grammar Check